Feb 2018 14

Sol Invictus announces new album
Trailblazing English neo-folk act Sol Invictus has announced its latest album, Necropolis will be released on April 13 via Prophecy Productions. Founding member Tony Wakeford describes the eagerly waited follow up to 2014’s Once Upon a Time as “a record based on and brought forth from London and the serpent Thames that snakes its way through its heart.” The title of the semi-conceptual album is both a nod to the Necropolis Railway, which connects London to Brookwood Cemetery, and a reflection of Wakeford’s perception of the city as “haunted by the customs and crimes of the dead and the living.” Guitarist Don Anderson (ex-Agalloch, Khorada), who played on Once Upon a Time returns, and The Green Army Choir also makes an appearance. Necropolis will be available as a standard CD, a deluxe two-disc set with hardcover book and bonus CD and as black and white vinyl editions; all versions are available for pre-order via Storming the Base and Bandcamp, with deluxe and vinyl editions in limited quantities.


Sol Invictus/Tony Wakeford
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