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Society 1 working with hardcore punk legend Greg Hetson to mix latest album
With the band’s latest album lin the works, Hollywood industrial/alt. metal act Society 1 has announced the team behind the mixing of the upcoming Black Level Six. Best known as the guitarist for influential hardcore punk bands Redd Kross, Circle Jerks, and Bad Religion, Greg Hetson will be responsible for mixing the album, with assistance from revered engineers Shane Smith and Blake Harden, the three working at Hollywood Sound Company over the course of two weeks to mix the record’s 13 tracks. Society 1 front man Matt Zane refers to it as an “Absolutely surreal experience” working with the three prominent figures, stating himself to be a fan of Circle Jerks’ 1980 debut Group Sex; he goes on to call Hetson “super cool and has experienced so much with the massive success of Bad Religion.” Hetson, meanwhile, comments on the album’s “cool odd time signatures” and his pleasure at working with Society 1’s heavy guitar-laden music. As Society 1 is signed to Music Gallery International management, the company founder Shawn Barusch calls Black Level Six “Amazing!” and “will be a winner with new and old fans,” while also extending his thanks to “Hetson – a.k.a ‘Silky’ – and his team for an outstanding job.” Although no release date has been announced, the band has promised to have the album released in 2019, with plans to support the record through various tours. Black Level Six follows up on 2017’s Rise From the Dead.


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