Feb 2016 22

Society 1 releases latest music videoLos Angeles industrial/metal band Society 1 has released via Metal Hammer a new music video for the track “I Can’t Feel” off the group’s latest album, Rise from the Dead. According to director and front man Matt Zane, “It’s about a separation that can occur between two people due to constant suffering caused by the hand of another.” He goes on to say, “What happens if you keep bleeding? You die. If you could force the blood to drain faster your death comes quicker. This is just another way of saying there is death between you and someone you’re trying to connect with on an emotional and spiritual level.” Produced and mixed by guitarist Alex Crescioni and mastered by Maor Appelbaum, the song is now available to download via iTunes.
According to Zane, the video “was the most difficult out of all the Society 1 videos because not only did I have to perform but imagine what was going on in the scene. Everything was done on green screen so I was just trying to think about what it was supposed to look like. When I brought it into editing the real challenge began attempting to create what I envisioned. A very cool creative experience.” With his Lord Zane Productions, Zane has produced music videos for the likes of John 5, Wayne Static, Orgy, and Zakk Wylde.


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