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Society 1 releases eighth music video from latest album
Having released Rise from the Dead in March of this year, Hollywood industrial/metal group Society 1 has premiered the music video for the track “Souls on Fire.” Originally intended to present a more positive lyrical direction for the band, “Initially about the communion of souls and inner power illuminated with a symbolic burning fire,” vocalist/songwriter Matt Zane states that the song “took a sinister turn with time,” with the video being “more reminiscent of being trapped within an eternal hell.” He further states this to be an eventuality of the real world situation informing the songwriting, concluding that “if it wasn’t so painful, it would be amusing.”

Directed and edited by Zane, the video for “Souls on Fire” marks the band’s eighth from Rise from the Dead; the shoot was followed by the band hosting an invite only party event at a private mansion in an effort to redirect the video’s release into a positive experience. With participants encouraged to dress provocatively and in costume, Society 1 has released pictures from the party via Facebook for the fans to enjoy.


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