Mar 2016 28

Society 1 launches campaign to fund Doors cover albumLos Angeles industrial/metal group Society 1 has launched a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo for the band’s latest outing, Not to Touch the Earth – an album of cover versions of The Doors. “This album isn’t going to be some half hearted attempt to cash in by recording a bunch of uninspired covers,” states the band; “We want to bring The Doors music to a place that it’s never been. By focusing on the groove within the songs and bringing out the innate heaviness of each track, our goal is to completely re-envision what The Doors may have sounded like if they created their music in 2016.” Society 1 has previously covered “Wild Child,” earning accolades from former Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, who said of Society 1 front man Matt Zane, “He’s a good singer.”
Perks and rewards for the campaign include T-shirts and digital music, as well as a copy of the Society 1 comic book, No Salvation, as well as dinner with the band, private concerts, and original artwork created and signed by bassist DV Karloff.


Society 1
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