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Society 1 announces live webcastLos Angeles band Society 1 has announced that it will be performing for a free live webcast via Big Time Broadcasting, scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 28 at 9:00pm Pacific time. “This is our way to bring the show to everyone that wants to see it,” explains front man Matt “The Lord” Zane. “Now with Big Time Broadcasting, just about any band has the opportunity to get anywhere in the world live. It’s just a click away.” The event, which will encompass 15 songs spanning the band’s career, will also include an interview preceding the show and live chat during the concert, taking place at an undisclosed location in Hollywood, CA, with 20 people in actual attendance.
Society 1 first rose to prominence in the L.A. alternative/industrial metal scene in 1999 with the debut album Slacker Jesus. The current lineup consists of Zane, longtime bassist DV Karloff, drummer Iorden Mitev, and new guitarist Alex Crescioni. Sin Quirin, having returned as a part-time member of the band in 2014, is currently on tour with MINISTRY.


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