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Maintaining an ever rigorous release schedule, electro/industrial act Slighter now celebrates its tenth anniversary with several new releases. The first of these is the WETWARE: Volume One EP, in which Colin Cameron Allrich delivers five new tracks that showcase “a futuristic look backwards” at the project’s origins, with a heavy emphasis on heavy breakbeat; the EP was released on October 25 and is available via Bandcamp.

Subsequent to this release as a special Hallowen treat, Slighter unveiled several archived and reworked tracks as free downloads by way of Bandcamp download codes given on a first come, first served basis from October 28-30; among these tracks was a new rendition of one of the project’s earliest songs, “Killers,” along with the appropriately titled “Digging Up Bones,” “Last Pulse,” and “Outbreak.”
Most recently, Slighter announced a new remix collection, titled Exogenous – celebrating Slighter’s 10 years from 2009-2019. Eschewing the idea of a “Best Of” compilation, the album contains 19 variations of Slighter tracks, including the “Killers” Redux, featuring the remixing talents of Cyanotic, Out Out, Hexadiode, Big Time Kill, Rabbit Junk/Ovter God, SPC ECO, Keith Hillebrandt, Amnestic, Microwaved, RELIC, and the late Jairus Miller, to whom the WETWARE EP is dedicated. Exogenous is due for release on December 1 via Allrich’s Confusion Inc. imprint, with the album’s opening track – the Rabbit Junk vs. Ovter God remix of Slighter’s collaborative track with MOЯIS BLAK, “The Hunt,” available to preview via SoundCloud.

Earlier in 2019, Slighter released the Automata album on May 13, followed by the “Give Me” single, which features OHMelectronic vocalist Craig Joseph Huxtable.


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