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As the latest single from the 2019 album Automata, electro/industrial act Slighter has released “Give Me.” Featuring the vocals of Craig Joseph Huxtable of OHMelectronic, the single features five variations of the album track, with the radio edit available as a free download exclusive to Bandcamp pre-orders; the single is due for release on September 27. Among the featured remixers are Nils Sinatsch (Neon Insect), Steven OLaf. and producer/musician Joe Haze (Primitive Race, ex-Lords of Acid), whose remix can be previewed now.

Automata was released on May 13, with the deluxe edition available on Bandcamp and containing a bonus set of “variable” renditions of the album’s 10 main tracks; among the featured collaborators are the aforementioned Craig Joseph Huxtable, Christy Hannon, Kadin Contois, Brian Slowikowski (MOЯIS BLAK), and R.A. Desilets. Also available is a two-disc edition limited to 75 copies signed and numbered by Slighter’s Colin Cameron Allrich; this package includes a bonus CD containing the exclusive track “Planned Obsolescence,” and the Bandcamp “variables” as a continuous mix.


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