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With each of the band’s songs based on true crimes, electro/industrial duo SKYND has unveiled the music video for “Tyler Hadley,” the second song on the band’s latest Chapter II EP. Directed by Manolo Zacate and Fabio Stecher and produced by TallyHo!, the video and song convey the 2011 case of a florida couple murdered by their son, who subsequently hosted a party of 60 people in the family home, the bodies hidden in the master bedroom; SKYND refers to the latter detail as “really creepy.” In the true case, the killer’s motivation was “so he didn’t have to ask for permission anymore,” fueled by drug abuse and mental health issues. He was arrested the morning after committing the murders, the news of his crime spreading by word of mouth following his admission to his best friend, having shown him the blood at the scene. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole as Florida law could not sentence the then 17-year-old to death; in 2016, the sentencing was overturned, but then reinstated in December 2018, but this time with the possibility of parole.

“Tyler Hadley” follows the release of “Jim Jones,” the first track from Chapter II and based on the religious cult leader; the third track, “Katherine Knight” is based on the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life without parole, having murdered and skinned her partner, which SKYND explains as “a fucked up love story.” SKYND producer F – a.k.a. Father – comments on the band’s themes on the new EP, “We don’t create – we document. We don’t see ourselves as artists, but as craftsmen and we are getting better and better at it. Chapter II is the current state of our abilities.” Similarly, the enigmatic front woman comments, “All human beings are capable of cruelty. We have to keep the inner animal in check. We’re here to provide a different perspective on the psyche to maybe answer some questions.” Chapter II was released on July 26, following less than a year since the August 22, 2018 release of Chapter I; having released a music video for each released track, SKYND has garnered over three-million hits on YouTube.


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