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Skinny Puppy announce upcoming release of WeaponLegendary industrial act Skinny Puppy has announced the release of the band’s latest album, titled Weapon, to be released through Metropolis Records on May 28. The title reflects the band’s commentary on the current glorification of gun culture and the devastating horrors caused by it. “The human animal is a ‘weapon,'” states vocalist Nivek Ogre. “Every action and thought conceived then carried out has the potential to cause harm and misery.” Further explaining the album’s political message, “The human race has been in bondage; boondoggled by the fixed shell game, shill-laden pro lobbyist agenda for nuclear energy, While claiming to be ‘clean energy,’ 96% of what comes out is completely foreign to our planet and completely toxic; it is anything but ‘clean.'”
Ogre also goes on to say, “Weapons and pharmaceuticals become the last bastion of investment wealth, the last stop for manufacturing in a crumbling power system still promoting mutual assured destruction. To maim, sicken, and control, by genetically radiating and bombing populations back to the Stone Age; then manage the mutations through new medicines while claiming the race for a cure of this self-inflicted environmental disease is right around the corner.”
Weapon is Skinny Puppy’s twelfth album.


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  1. ModularBase says:

    […] Skinny Puppy : Weapon […]

  2. Dalek says:

    Skinny Puppy’s sound seems to be changing over time, but their pretentious conspiratorial lyrics are as nutty as ever. Perhaps in the next album Nivek Ogre can do a collaboration with Alex Jones.

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