Jul 2018 25

Silver Walks signs to Distortion Productions, opening for ChemlabOriginally hailing from Philadelphia and now based in the San Francisco area, Daniel McCullough’s electronic project Silver Walks has signed with Distortion Productions with a debut EP and full-length album on the way. Blending elements of industrial, trance, and synthpop with rhythms derived from the WaxTrax! era, Silver Walks has gained a formidable reputation with the “Tidal” and “Timebomb” singles, along with remixes for the likes of GoFight, Ego Likeness, Panic Lift, and FIRES. Having performed live with Ego Likeness and Assemblage 23, Silver Walks wil be performing as support act for Chemlab on September 16 at Wilmington, DE’s Bar XIII, along with D.C. EBM band Distorted Retrospect. The band’s debut EP, Songs of Love and Hate has been announced for a late 2018 release, with the Various Positions full-length album to follow in 2019.


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