Jul 2012 03

Industrial/noise label Signifier has signed two new artists to its roster.
The first, Canadian electro/industrial artist Antigen Shift, joins Signifier for the upcoming release of the project’s sixth studio album, Brotherhood. This album marks the act’s first since the 2006 release of The Way of the North, and the first to feature Jairus Khan of Ad·ver·sary since joining Antigen Shift founder Nick Thériault in 2009.
The second, the collaborative project Ushersan/HIV+ – featuring Pedro Peñas Robles of HIV+ and Anthon Shield Usher of French coldwave act Norma Loy – aims to release the album Wide Lights from Hatred Springs, featuring sessions inspired by early post-punk and industrial and utilizing vintage equipment. Remixes from Absolute Body Control/The Klinik, Marc Hurtado/Etant Donnes, and Millimetrix & Normotone will also be included on the album.
Both albums are slated for release in later 2012.


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Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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  1. d says:

    So psyched for a new Antigen Shift!!!

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