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Shriekback teases upcoming album with first single, music video
Defying categorization since the band’s inception, English alternative act Shriekback is back with its fourteenth album, Why Anything? Why This?, due for release on May 25. To preview the album, the band has unveiled the introductory single and music video for “And the Rain,” its stark black & white visuals complementing the swampy Southern gothic blues amabience and hinting at the album’s dense and heavily textured sound; written, produced, and performed by the core trio of founding members Barry Andrews (ex-XTC) and Dave Allen (ex-Gang of Four) and longtime drummer Martyn Barker (ex-King Swamp), Why Anything? Why This? is touted by Shriekback to be a “band” album, with the three members crafting each song in their own studios and in group sessions. In addition, the album features the band’s regular cast of backing musicians, including vocalists Wendy and Sarah Partridge, guitarist Carl Marsh, as well as newcomer Public Image Ltd bassist Scott Firth. Mixed and mastered by Stuart Rowe, marking his fifth Shriekback album, Why Anything? Why This? is stated to be “Shriekback refocused, reinvented, and reinvigorated.” The album is now available for pre-order via the band’s webstore.

Founded by Andrews and Allen in 1981, with Marsh joining later that year and Barker in 1983, Shriekback enjoyed initial success with the Y Records label, charting several dance hits before signing to Arista Records in 1984. The band’s 1985 album Oil & Gold yielded the hit song “Nemesis,” with other tracks from the album being used by director/producer Michael Mann in episodes of Miami Vice and in his movies Manhunter and Band of the Hand.The band members parted ways in 1988, reforming in 1992m sporadically releasing music as Shriekback and in their own projects since then.


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