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Second entry in short horror film trilogy featuring music by MortiisNorwegian filmmaker Reinert Kiil’s Draugr, the second entry in a short film trilogy featuring the music of Mortiis, is now available. Mortiis’ “Too Little Too Late” features as the soundtrack to the Norweigan grindhouse director’s latest “shock film,” following the series’ first entry, Vardøger, which featured the track “Geisteskrank.” The controversial short is virtually banned in its home country; due to both content and Mortiis’ early association with the Norwegian black metal scene, having once been a member of prominent act Emperor; in the words of Mortiis, “Ethanol injected directly into veins, naked chicks with shotguns, split tongues, and sword swallowing; what could possibly go wrong?” Mortiis’ ninth album, The Great Deceiver, featuring “Too Little Too Late,” is available now via Omnipresence, while both Draugr and Vardøger are also available now on Mortiis’ YouTube.


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