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Second album from Simulakrum Lab featuring Cody Carpenter and Dana Jean Phoenix
Blending elements of nostalgic synthwave with the dark atmospheres of ’70s and ’80s sci-fi and horror, Italian artist Paolo Prevosto has announced the release of his second album under the moniker of Simulakrum Lab. Created as a “hypothetical soundtrack to a ’70s-’80s science fiction B-movie,” Simulakrum Lab II draws on Prevosto’s enthusiasm for the genre with themes revolving around technology and exploration, dedicating the record to mankind’s conquest of space in what is the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing. The album will be featuring Juno nominated Toronto synthwave artist and actress Dana Jean Phoenix in the role of the album’s vocalist. while Cody Carpenter – son of legendary director/musician John Carpenter – provides keyboards and piano to four of the album’s tracks, “bringing a touch of vintage ’80s video games.” Simulakrum Lab II is due for release on April 16 in CD and digital formats; pre-orders are available now on Bandcamp.

The first Simulakrum Lab album was released in 2016 via Italian imprint Rustblade; like its successor, it featured several notable guest musicians, including Goblin members Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Pignatelli, as well as Freezepop vocalist Liz Enthusiam, and TV producer Kenneth Johnson (Bionic Woman, Alien Nation, The Incredible Hulk). Besides Simulakrum Lab, Prevosto is also the editor for the online sci-fi/horror publication


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