Jul 2018 17

Season of Ghosts releases new music video teasing upcoming sophomore album
Industrial/metal band Season of Ghosts has released the video for “A Place to Call Home” off of the upcoming album, A Leap of Faith. The high flying video was filmed by fellow musician and videographer Intetsu of the Visual Kei band Ayabie. Front woman Sophia Aslanides (formerly of Japanese trance/metal act Blood Stain Child) describes the track’s lyrics as a story of learning to see past the distractions and distortions of the outside world to rediscover your inner self. She states, “When you create something earnestly, with people you love, it radiates all over. It cannot be overshadowed by anything. That’s how I live my life, and how I create. Earnestly.” The theme weaves throughout the album, mirroring her own struggles with depression, which left her “feeling helpless, lost, feeling captive. I stopped doing anything that once made me happy, including music.” She further describes A Leap of Faith as “An honest, in-your-face, loud statement, a reminder to ourselves that we’re still alive.”

The video for “A Place to Call Home” is up now on Season of Ghost’s YouTube channel. A Leap of Faith will be released in September, 2018; the band’s previous album, The Human Paradox was released in December of 2014.


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