Aug 2016 16

Scandroid announces full-length album release
Having up to now released a number of singles, retro/electro act Scandroid has announced the Fall 2016 release of a full-length album. Having originally started as a collaboration between Celldweller’s Klayton and Varien (a.k.a. Nick Kaelar), Scandroid’s music explores a conceptual future inspired by the cyberpunk sci-fi of the ’80s, full of references to Neo-Tokyo (a la AKIRA), clones, androids, and various artificial intelligences. Varien left Scandroid in August of 2014, shortly before the release of the “Empty Streets” single, which was accompanied by an animated 8-bit lyric video. Varien’s departure has effectively made the project another solo outing for Klayton, along with Celldweller and the recently revived Circle of Dust. Scandroid’s most recent release was the “Pro-bots & Robophobes” single in January 2016, featuring Circle od Dust.




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