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Sascha Konietzko featured in new MINISTRY comic bookKMFDM founder and front man Sascha Konietzko has been announced as a featured character in Al Jourgensen’s upcoming 13-issue comic book series, MINISTRY: The Devil’s Chord – The Chronicles of Alien F. Jourgensen. The series, illustrated and co-created by Sam Sheron, is set to premiere at Comic Con San Diego in July 2014, and is said to include several of Jourgensen’s friends joining him in his crusade as a superhero battling evil and injustice.
“I met with Sascha at his recent show in Pomona, CA,” states Shearon,” and within minutes he enthusiastically began to tell me without prompt how he’d want to appear, what he’ll have as ‘super-hero’ powers and what he’s not cool with.” He goes onto state that Konietzko will be “one of the ‘good’ guys alongside Alien F. Jourgensen,” with the power to drain and disable others people’s powers. Konietzko’s role will be integral to the story as he will be a major character – a fellow hero and not a sidekick.


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