Apr 2012 02

Trip-hop group Saltillo has released their second album, Monocyte, through Artoffact Records. Monocyte is a concept album to accompany the bimonthly comic book of the same name, created by mention3 (Saltillo) and Kasra Ghanbari, and released through IDW Publishing. Ben Templesmith – creator of Fell and 30 Days of Night – describes the comic as, “Deadwood being sodomized by H.R. Giger in a cathedral, as narrated by Tom Waits.” Monocyte is available through Artoffact Records’ parent site and online distribution center, Storming the Base.


Saltillo Website http://www.menton3.com
Saltillo MySpace http://www.myspace.com/saltillo
Saltillo Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Saltillo/35656246401
Saltillo Twitter http://twitter.com/menton3
Artoffact Records Website http://www.stormingthebase.com/brands/Artoffact-Records
Artoffact Records MySpace http://www.myspace.com/artoffactrecords
Artoffact Records Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artoffact
Artoffact Records Twitter https://twitter.com/artoffact
Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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