Oct 2014 14

Rustblade signs new project from Justin BennettThe Rustblade music label has announced its newest artist, Askew, headed and produced by Justin Bennett, the musician most renowned for his work with Skinny Puppy, ohGr, and :Bahntier//. Formed by Bennett with Jeff “Squigg” Smith, the experimental noise act represents, in the artists’ words, “a direct reflection of Studio 23 Bologna, where artists from both within and outside the label come together to participate in extended improvisations and experiments in sounds creation using rare and unusual noise making instruments, synths, modulars, and much more.”
Two tracks from Askew are featured on the band’s split EP with Merzbow, titled Level; the Level EP is available in a limited edition vinyl of 299 copies to be released on December 15. Pre-orders for the EP are now available via the Rustblade website.
The band has stated that several additional guest artists will be revealed as the music progresses. As well, Askew has apparently adopted the Rustblade slogan as its own for possible use as an upcoming album title; “We Were Born With Noise!”


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