Mar 2014 19

Roughhausen gives away CDs in opposition of labelRoughhausen has announced its plans to combat its label by giving away 1,000 free CDs to fans anywhere in the world. “We signed a bad contract that prevents us from selling CDs or merch in the U.S. for another year, and it appears the label is either incapable or unwilling to sell them either, but they do seem willing to take money for orders and not actually send the stuff,” says the band in a recent Facebook post. “We contacted a lawyer and they said there is nothing we can do… we are stuck with this until the contract runs out, nine more months… however, we are not prevented from giving the CDs away.” Interested parties can contact Roughhausen through Facebook for a copy, with $3 postage. Roughhausen did not specify which label is the offender.


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Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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  1. RH says:

    Just send us a message at our facebook band page and we will hook you up before they fuck you over

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