May 2018 30

Ronny Strehmann delivers latest single from self-titled synthpop project
Having served as the vocalist, lyricist, and video producer for eXcubitors, Ronny Strehmann now strikes on his own with his self-titled synthpop project, Strehmann. Since beginning the project in 2013, Strehmann has released a string of singles, now culminating in the track “Spielfigur,” which the artist describes as a perfect introduction to his sound and style with lyrics like “Love doesn’t choose based on the sex” and “Hoping the music will carry us away and maybe even touch your heart.” In this regard, “Spielfigur” strengthens Strehmann’s proclamation to be “the first homoromantic music project from Germany dealing with homosexual love in a profound and genuine way.”

Previous releases by the project include a collaboration with Seabound’s Frank M. Spinath on the first single “Schwur,” as well as the track “Wer Bist Du” in both an electro and strings version, all to be featured on Strehmann’s debut album, Legende, due for release in late summer or early fall of 2018.
eXcubitors released its last record In Aeternum on Friday, May 25.


Website, Facebook, YouTube
Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
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