Oct 2017 15

Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D joins New Years Day vocalist, releases debut full-length album
L.A. goth/pop duo The Haxans has released a full-length debut album, Party Monsters, which the group states “isn’t a Halloween record; it’s just for Halloween people.” The collaborative project of New Years Day vocalist Ash Costello and Rob Zombie bassist Matt Montgomery (Piggy D), named for a silent film about witch hunting, took inspiration from many facets of gothic and horror culture, from schlocky to sublime, and stirred them up in a cauldron to make an album the pair describes as a “jack-o-lantern full of pure, unfiltered Ash & Matt garage party noise.” Montgomery adds, “This is what happens when two random people become friends, start a band, and pour their candy corn hearts into a record.” Party Monsters is available on digital and streaming platforms and as a limited edition 12-inch vinyl through The Haxans’ online store.


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