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FiXT Neon – the electro and synthwave sublabel of the FiXT imprint – has announced the signing of Dallas synthwave duo PRIZM, re-releasing the band’s debut We Are PRIZM EP. With tracks like “All Night” and “You Know That You Love Me” having already garnered significant attention in the synthwave scene, the now self-titled re-release packages the EP’s original four tracks with instrumental versions to showcase the band’s sharpened songwriting and production skills. The duo of Krisluv and Danni James, already having collaborative experience together, formed PRIZM as their “love letter to the 1980s,” with songwriting assistance on the EP from Geoffrey Rockwell; the band’s signing marks the first female fronted act on FiXT Neon, with a full-length album currently in the works. The PRIZM EP is available digitally via all online outlets.


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