May 2018 31

Rhys Fulber releases second solo album
Best known for his long tenure with Front Line Assembly, Rhys Fulber has announced the release of Your Dystopia, My Utopia, the follow up record to 2017’s Realism and his first album produced for the Sonic Groove imprint. The album balances a myriad of styles that Fulber has explored throughout his illustrious career, including dark industrial, techno, and experimental elements to create a compellingly danceable album with a cinematic scope. Your Dystopia, My Utopia will be a double vinyl release, due out on June 29, and is available for pre-order now via Storming the Base, with the digital edition available now on Bandcamp.

Fulber has also collaborated with FLA’s Bill Leeb in Delerium, Noise Unit, and Intermix; an accomplished industrial and EBM producer, he has also lent his skills to the likes of KANGA, Youth Code, Paradise Lost, and Fear Factory. He has also worked under the moniker of Conjure One, featuring numerous guest vocalists like Leigh Nash, Sinead O’Connor, and The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin.


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