Mar 2018 28

Rhea's Obsession vocalist unveils new band, IndieGoGo campaign for debut album
Sue Hutton, best known as vocalist for Canadian darkwave group Rhea’s Obsession, has initiated a new band by the name of Indarra, with a debut CD titled Walk On Fire currently in the works. An IndieGoGo Campaign now running until April 25, with plans for Metropolis Records to release and distribute the album in September. Among the musicians working with Hutton in the band are guitarist Kevin Laliberté, bassist Chris Gartner, percussionists Debashish Sinha, Ed Hanley, and Rakesh Tewari, along with Heiki Sillaste and Scott M2 on synths and programming. A collaboration with renowned producer/musician William Faith will also be featured on Walk On Fire, with production, mixing, and engineering duties to be undertaken by Chris Perry. The name Indarra translates from the Basque language to strength, with the album’s themes relating to the gaining strength through struggle, as well as raising awareness of social causes like disability inclusion and supporting women coming out of the prison system. Perks for the campaign include tickets to the CD release party, dinner with the band, rare items from Rhea’s Obsession, and jewelry handmade by Hutton. Additional information can be found on the campaign.


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