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REVillusion unleashes new lyric video featuring EN ESCH
Industrial/rock act REVillusion, having recently released its sophomore album HEART(less), has unleashed a new video for the track “Bleed WITH Me,” which features a guest vocal performance by the legendary EN ESCH. While fashioned as a lyric video, EN ESCH appears in the flesh to augment the visuals with his own abrasively alluring style, with 351 Studio creating a lurid and frenetic accompaniment to REVillusion’s dark brand of industrialized metal and rock. “Bleed WITH Me” marks the third single from HEART(less), following “Beautiful Gift” – with vocalist Mark Hunter (Chimaira) – and “Pure Pollution” – with longtime EN ESCH associate, the Mighty Swine, Raymond “PIG” Watts; both tracks were released as lyric videos, also produced by 351 Studio.

HEART(less) was released on February 14 and follows REVillusion’s 2017 New Extinction debut. Showcasing a leaner, meaner, more metal brand of industrial/rock, the record also features guest vocals from Wes Raymond (The Soul Factory), with Chris Hall (Stabbing Westward, The Dreaming) and Waylon Reavis (A Killer’s Confession, ex-Mushroomhead) returning from the first album. Additional guest performances include cellist Tina Guo, guitarists Mark Morales and Kirk Camardelle, and saxophonist Ronnie Bass.



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