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Based out of Bristol, U.K., the duo of Natalie Wardle and VIncent Cavazos – collectively known as industrial/dance act Returning VHS – will be releasing the Llorona debut album. The band has built up a loyal following on the strength of thePsychoplasm and D.M.T. EPs, the latter released as a cassette split with fellow industrial artist Kondensator via ambient imprint Paracelsian; tracks like “Visions” and “Elara” have gained attention from numerous independent radio and SoundCloud stations, along with videos on YouTube.

On the new album, the band collaborates with dark electronic act Boy Harsher on the “Llorona” title track, along with a cover of Everything But the Girl’s “Missing.” Llorona will be released on September 9 via Paracelsian; in addition, Returning VHS is slated to support punk band Chaos U.K. on September 8 at the Leytonstone Festival in London, U.K., and Metropolis Records act Agent Side Grinder at the Victoria in Dalston, U.K. on October 30. A full listing of live dates can be found via the Returning VHS website.


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