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Soundohm has announced the release of an expansive retrospective box set covering the early recorded material of cult electronic act :zoviet*france:. Encompassing 15 LPs and housed in a deluxe wooden box, the Châsse’ Recordings 1982-1987 set is limited to only 400 copies, with the band stating that “Given the cost and scale of the project, it’s unlikely these will ever get a re-press.” Added to the set is a T-shirt, along with two extra 7-inch items; press on 180g vinyl and remastered by Sam Grant, the set features every :zoviet*france: album release from the 1982 Garista debut up to 1987’s A Flock of Rotations. Châsse’ Recordings 1982-1987 can be ordered via the Soundohm webstore.


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Website, Facebook, Twitter
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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