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Release date announced for long-awaited EP featuring collaboration between PIG and CubanateUK industrial/rock label Armalyte Industries has announced the April 13 release date for Compound Eye Sessions, the long-awaited EP from Raymond Watts (PIG, KMFDM) and Marc Heal (Cubanate) – collaborating under the moniker of PIG and MC Lord of the Flies. Recorded during sessions in London, 2012, this EP marks the first new music from PIG since 2005‘s Pigmata (originally released in 2004 as Pigmartyr under the short-lived WATTS moniker), on which Heal appeared. Compound Eye Sessions features two new tracks from each artist, as well as remixes from Rhys Fulber, Eden (one-time PIG/WATTS member and co-producer), and Phil Barry (also formerly of Cubanate).
Of the EP, Heal states, “(the tracks) were all recorded at the same time with the same personnel, so it seemed logical to co-release a recording of those sessions. In a way it’s also a bit of a Cubanate reunion, what with Phil’s mix. I also used a couple of guitar samples from him.”
The EP will be available in a deluxe six-panel digipack limited to 500 copies worldwide. Also included with the EP is a limited collector’s edition card and pre-orders include additional items and autographed copies.
PIG will also be appearing on the upcoming PIG vs. Primitive Race release on Metropolis Records. In addition, Watts states, “I’ve been working with the guys from Combichrist and with Mark Thwaite from the Mission. It’s all written and recorded. It just needs to be finished. So, I’ve asked En Esch to come across in the next couple of months, because I trust the two of us to whip it into shape together. I would say it will be out this year.”
On the possibility of a tour, Watts goes on to say, “I might play some PIG / Cubanate shows next year, if PIG has something to promote by then. Like him, I hate touring, but doing a few live shows together would be fun, if anyone would have us.”


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