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Release date announced for fourth volume of Electronic SaviorsThe fourth entry in the Electronic Saviors compilation series has been announced for June 10. Mastered by Wade Alin and featuring artwork by Jeff Confer and Samantha Johnson, this fourth volume – titled Retaliation – continues the series’ efforts to combat cancer; the four-disc standard edition will be available in association with Metropolis Records, while the premium edition – featuring two extra discs, for a grand total of 104 tracks – will be available only through Dist0rtion Productions. Among the artists featured on this prestigious collection are KMFDM, EN ESCH, Dope Stars Inc., Panic Lift, Suicide Commando, and I:Scintilla, to name but a few. The premium edition, limited to 300 copies and currently available for pre-order, includes tracks from White Shadow, Hopeful Machines, Colony5, MyParasites, Venal Flesh, and UCNX.
Electronic Saviors began in 2008 when scene promoter/musician/DJ Jim Semonik was diagnosed with a deadly form of stage 2B colorectal cancer; since then, through intensive therapy and treatment, Semonik has made a full recovery, having been declared cleared of cancer in September of 2013. With past entries in the Electronic Saviors series, proceeds from the sales have gone to such organizations as the Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness and The Bone Marrow Foundation; as with the last volume, proceeds from Volume IV will go to Our Clubhouse (formerly Gilda Club) of Western PA.

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