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Ego Likeness
One of the goth/industrial scene’s most revered and prolific acts, Ego Likeness has announced dates for the upcoming Dead Cities U.S. Tour, with special guests Abbey Death and on select dates, an acoustic set by Caroline Blind. ReGen Magazine is privileged to be named a co-sponsor of this tour celebrating the band’s latest album, Songs From a Dead City. Beginning on October 25 at Richmond, VA’s Fallout event, and continuing until November 25 when the band returns to Baltimore, MD’s Metro Gallery, the Dead Cities Tour will see Ego Likeness performing at some of the country’s most renowned goth/industrial nights and venues. Among these dates is a Halloween appearance at Dracula’s Ball in Philadelphia at the Trocadero Theater, wherein Ego Likeness will be joining fellow legendary acts Clan of Xymox and Curse Mackey. A full listing of tour dates can be found on the Ego Likeness website.
ReGen Magazine named co-sponsor of Ego Likeness U.S. tour
Songs From a Dead City was released on August 24 via Metropolis Records; a remastered collection of previously unreleased recordings and demoes that predate the group’s 2000 debut album Dragonfly, the album recalls for the band “the magical land of Once Upon a Time… before we were monsters.”


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