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ReGen Exclusive: Trade Secrets premieres latest single from full-length debut
ReGen Magazine is pleased to present this exclusive stream of the True North (The Remixes) EP from electro/rock collective Trade Secrets, featuring five versions of the track from the band’s full-length debut, Before We Vanish. Among the remixers are Michael Oakley, Secret Wildreness, Button Pusher, and Braille, along with a remix by Trade Secrets; of the EP, founder F.J. DeSanto states, “As we have done in the past, we’ve tried to make the release listenable as a single piece as opposed to just throwing a bunch of club mixes out there. We’ve enlisted a group of musicians who we felt could bring unique perspectives to the song and do so in a way we would never dream of. It’s probably somewhat selfish, but it gives us the opportunity to connect and work with people whom we are fans of while also allowing the world of Trade Secrets to be explored in a much deeper and surprising fashion.”

Helmed by DeSanto (The Aggression, Chemlab, Hypefactor), Trade Secrets features co-writing and instrumental contributions from the likes of John Glenn Kunkel (The New Division), Peter Riley (Joy Machine, The Dossier), and Charles LaBarbara (Deckard, Hypefactor); guest performers on the album include drummer Alex Gonzales (The New Division, Julien-K) and guitarist James Meays, with the cover artwork created by Jim Marcus (GoFight, Die Warzau). “True North” was sung by vocalist Damien “Peka” Polak and is the third track on Before We Vanish, which was was mixed by Mike Venezia (The Aggression, Hypefactor) at The Island of Misfit Toys and was released on September 7 via Distortion Productions. The record can be purchased via Bandcamp and the label’s webstore.


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