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ReGen Exclusive: SINE premieres music video for "Love High"
ReGen Magazine is proud to present the music video “Love High,” the latest from Austin, TX electro/alt. rock band SINE. Led by singer/drummer/programmer Rona Rougeheart (also drummer of Dead Love Club) and also featuring guitarist/bassist Kfir Gov (also of Seek Irony), SINE presents a blend of aggressive textures and engaging melodies inspired by the likes of Curve, Garbage, with elements of Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age. “Love High” marks SINE’s second music video following “Feed the Vultures.” Directed by award winning filmmaker Jeremy Ward, the video for “Love High” features a number of notable Texas talents and personalities in a noir-style presentation that matches the sensual allure and vibrancy of the band’s music. Among those featured in the video are Curse Mackey (Pigface, Evil Mothers), Holly Barentine (Lucid Dementia), TV hosts Brenda Dickerson (Zombie Life) and Dave Prewitt (DaveTV), and makeup artist/entertainer Nix Nova, among others. Also appearing in the video is Jon Rhys Gilyeat (Adoration Destroyed) who passed away in January of this year due to complications from diabetes; the video is dedicated to his memory. The video’s February 8 release party at Gibson Street Bar in Austin also served to draw attention to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
“Love High” and “Feed the Vultures” were produced and mixed by Kfir Gov, and mastered by the renowned Maor Appelbaum.
In addition, SINE has several live performances scheduled, including an opening slot on the upcoming Blood, Lust, Death Tour featuring DOPE, Combichrist, Davey Suicide, and September Mourning.
ReGen Magazine is privileged to have the opportunity to present an exciting new band from a tremendously talented artist such as Rona Rougeheart; we can all expect greater things from her in 2017 and beyond – stay tuned!

Love High (Official Video) from SINE on Vimeo.


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