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ReGen Exclusive: Requiem Rust debuts "Monster Like Me" music video, directed by Erik Gustafson
Industrial/metal act Requiem Rust, in association with BLVCK MVSS Music Group and in a special exclusive premiere from ReGen Magazine, has unveiled a new music video for the band’s new single “Monster Like Me.” Recorded by BMMG’s Jonah Hernandez (Asylum Black) and mixed and mastered by Skyler D. White, front man Michael “Kreep” Logan explains that the song tells a story of an “ethereal plaine” that exists to punish people for their evil deeds, putting their wickedness on display in an otherworldly freakshow, with lyrics that describe weakness and temptation, “the very act of becoming your own personal monster… a ‘Monster Like Me.'” The music video was directed by Requiem Rust collaborator Erik Gustafson (Adoration Destroyed, 16volt), with “Kreep” stating that “his amazing camera work far surpassed my vision,” the two creating what he refers to as “this hot slice of hell.” Of this collaboration, Gustafson states, “Kreep has such great visual ideas, and he was able to convey how he wanted different shots to look, while I did my best to make them happen.” Having been learning to make music videos over the course of the last three years, “Monster Like Me” presents Gustafson reaching “a point where I really liked my work, and figured it would be really fun and that I could learn even more by making cool music videos for others.” He goes on to say, “I feel I really have an advantage approaching music videos from the point of being a musician and a performer myself. I really feel that helps from everything from the visuals to the editing process,” as well as his intention to create exciting videos that hearken back to what he calls “The golden age of MTV.”

Formerly known as Bind Torture Kill, Requiem Rust is based in San Antonio, TX. The band had released its Errors of the Flesh CD as a series of singles in 2014 via Bandcamp, which included remixes by the likes of Helltrash, Dawn of Ashes, and Ludovico Technique, performing live regularly throughout the Texas underground circuit. With Requiem Rust promising more music and videos on the way, “Monster Like Me” marks the first single from an upcoming EP, with further details forthcoming.


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