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In a special exclusive premiere, ReGen Magazine presents the new music video from dark electro-pop artist Liya. Filmed on the streets of her home of Tel Aviv, Israel, “No Meaning” was directed and edited by Ohad Elimelech of Junkyard7, and is taken from the first track off her debut EP, Listen. She explains that “‘No Meaning’ deals with depression after a breakup… where there is no meaning to life and everything seems dark.” As she relates that every track on the EP is based on “true experiences I’ve had with the concept of love,” she continues, “Apparently for me heartache goes hand in hand in fueling your creativity.”

Album CoverListen, released on December 28, 2018 via Blind Mice Productions. Having begun making electronic music at the age of 23, Liya cites inspiration from various genres including synthpop, industrial, and darkwave, drawing comparisons to the likes of The Birthday Massacre and Depeche Mode; she has performed in numerous festivals throughout Europe and Israel, collaborating with DJ Yahel while producing her own music.


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