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ReGen Exclusive: Hate Vessel premieres latest single
Hate Vessel - 7oo7Created by Joe Crudgington in 2013, Hate Vessel has been working from the ground up to become a powerful new force in the inudstrial music scene. Since its inception, Crudgington has built up a small but powerful repertoire influenced by the abrasive textures of old school industrial, drum & bass, and horror movie scores and imagery. In this special ReGen Magazine Exclusive, Hate Vessel unveils a brand new single, titled “7oo7,” presenting a blistering barrage of scathing synths, pummeling percussion, and guttural guitars, topped off by aggressive yet emotive vocals. Of the song, the band states the title “Seven out of Seven” relates to the seven deadly sins, further commenting that “The theme of the song deals with such thoughts and the loathing of oneself for thinking such things, along with the acceptance of this thought process. We’re all human and we all have our imperfections.” “7oo7” follows up on the band’s highly acclaimed “Prosthetic Minds” single, remixed by industrial/EBM sensation iVardensphere, which premiered on Brutal Resonance earlier this year.

Hate Vessel’s live lineup includes drummer Paul Traveller, bassist Nik butcher, and most recently guitarist Richie Symons, with Crudgington helming the vocals and programming. To date, the group has over 2,700 followers on Instagram. The “7oo7” single will be available to purchase via Amazon and Spotify on Friday, May 5.
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  1. Holly says:

    HateVessel are so sick! When is the next gig?

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