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ReGen Exclusive: GoFight welcomes audiences to the future with first music video from upcoming album
With 2017 being a relatively quiet year for the eminent Chicago electroscuzz act, GoFight now offers audiences the first taste of the band’s upcoming album, Tokyo Sexwale, in this special ReGen Magazine exclusive premiere of the music video for “Welcome to the Future.” Shot and directed by Paul Christopher Greene, the video is intended as a direct follow up to Die Warzau’s “Welcome to America,” shot almost 30 years ago and sharing the same opening lyric, “This is a racist nation.” GoFight and Die Warzau vocalist and founder Jim Marcus states of the song’s themes, “You can tell today that we consider people not to be benefits, articles of value, but instead, drains on the community, a place where resources are thought of as limited despite the fact that some people have many millions of times over what is needed to survive,” with the use of the same opening lyric as “testimony to the fact that it hasn’t changed; only evolved to become a more insidious version of itself.” Of the video’s visual direction, Marcus continues, “We wanted to cobble this together specifically from found footage and originally shot work because it needed to feel sort of askew, scattered, unfocused.”

He further states, “Discarding people is this culture’s own version of Russian roulette, a game played that can at any moment lead to complete destruction. We have the historical context to understand. We are a nation that turned away Ann Frank and can ask ourselves if we want to turn away the next Einstein, the next Bohr, the next Pauli, Eugene Wigner, Otto Loewi, Otto Meyerhof, and Otto Stern, etc.” Always known for pushing the sociological and political envelope, asking the hard questions and championining diversity, acceptance, and creativity, Marcus laments, “We don’t think of people coming here today as possible makers, creators, problem solvers, but instead as wells that we have to throw money down, invest in, tolerate at best.”
Never a band to revel in nihilism and despair, GoFight points out the hard realization “that we throw away opportunity when we throw away people,” Marcus also comments that while we may not all agree on the present, “we’re curiously aligned on the future – a place of prosperity and intellectual freedom, productivity and liberation from brutal labor and environmental effects. Can we get there together? We hope so.”
The Welcome to the Future single is now available to purchase via Bandcamp, featuring remixes by fellow industrial/electro acts Bells into Machines, Caustic, Stoneburner, Cyanotic, and The Rain Within!

GoFight - Tokyo Sexwale
GoFight’s fourth full-length studio album, Tokyo Sexwale is due for release on July 15 via the band’s own Pulseblack imprint. Featuring 14 tracks, the record is named after prominent South African anti-apartheid activist, former political prisoner, businessman, and politician Mosima Gabriel “Tokyo” Sexwale. He went on to become the Premier of South Africa’s Gautend Province in 1994 in what was the country’s first fully democratic election, and later served as the Minister of Human Settlements from 2009 to 2013. In 2002, he was denied entry into the United States alongside Nelson Mandela and Sidney Mufamadi for still being listed by the U.S. authorities as a global terrorist, finally being removed from the list in 2008. Tokyo Sexwale represents GoFight’s dedication not only to him but to “all others who broke bad laws,” citing such figures as Harriet Tubman, Chelsea Manning, and Oskar Schindler among others.

The first track on Die Warzau’s Disco Rigido debut, “Welcome to America” was first released in 1989 via Fiction/Polydor. The song remained a staple of the band’s live shows and is still heard today in many an industrial DJ set.


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