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Never a band to rest on its laurels or stand still for very long, Chicago’s GoFight has stood in a class all its own with an electrified blend of socially and politically charged lyrics set to driving beats, slick yet sleazy electronics, and soulful vocals, all to create a singular electroscuzz style that has carried the band through four full-length albums and numerous single/EPs. Now with the release of a fifth album impending, GoFight presents the music video for the first track from Anthem, “Underneath the Radar,” in this special ReGen Magazine exclusive; originally written by Karl Hyde, Rick Smith, and Alfie Thomas, the track was the first single and title track off the debut album by renowned electronic group Underworld in 1988. With the music video, GoFight stays true to the song’s original message of “Think global, act local” as it emphasizes the draconian immigration practices of the current administration in the U.S. with a focus on the plight of migrant children and families.

With a release date of October 12 via the band’s own Pulseblack imprint, Anthem presents nine tracks in which GoFight covers protest songs from the ’80s. Band founder, producer, vocalist, and songwriter Jim Marcus comments, “I know how important it is to feel like the music you make has a life in the future,” and that “one of the things that I’ve noticed about political anthems is that they survive. The world moves on, but it does it in cycles, and it can be surprising how relevant a song can be almost 40 years later.” Along with Underworld’s “Underneath the Radar,” Anthem finds GoFight tackling tracks by Yello, Shriekback, Gang of Four, Soft Cell, Cabaret Voltaire, Alice Cooper, and The Dead Milkmen, as well as a new rendition of “Land of the Free,” a major hit from Marcus’ previous band Die Warzau; of the album, Marcus goes on to say, “this was a way to give thanks for the giant shoulders – to consider how prescient these artists were… and are.” Appearing with the group on the record are several guest performers, including Adrian Halo (Machines with Human Skin), Daniel Joseph McCullough (Silver Walks), Ben Koch (Sweatboys), and Chris Smits (ex-Dead on TV, ex-Die Warzau).
All proceeds from the album will be donated to RAICES – The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to providing free and low-cost legal services to immigrant children and refugee families in Central and South Texas, RAICES is the largest nonprofit organization in the state of Texas; Marcus declares, “How we respond to people in need at our door says everything about who we are and who we could be.”


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Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
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