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Reeves Gabrels and Bill Nelson to release collaborative albumReeves Gabrels, longtime artistic partner of David Bowie and current lead guitarist for The Cure, has partnered with Bill Nelson, the musical innovator and legendary force behind Be Bop Deluxe, to release the album Fantastic Guitars through Sonoluxe on July 7. Nelson and Reeves spoke on the history behind their collaboration in an interview with Tom Wilcox for their upcoming performance at Curzon Soho in London on July 7, corresponding with the release.
“Reeves and I have known each other since his Tin Machine days,” says Nelson. “We spoke about a possible collaboration many years ago but our geographical distance and relentless work ethic inevitably made this difficult. Fortunately, due to his recent status as The Cure’s lead guitarist, Reeves has been able to spend much more time in the UK than previously and in 2012 we began making inroads into creating the Fantastic Guitars album… I had long admired Reeves’ formidable musical gifts but have to admit that entering into a collaboration with him was not without nervous trepidation on my part… I got to spend quality time with a warm, thoughtful, and generous artist who I’m honored to count as a much cherished friend.”
Gabrels reminisces on the early connections with Nelson, “It all began with Stuart Monks. Back in 1989, Stuart was doing guitar setup work for me in London. One day, while picking up a repair, he casually mentioned his friend Bill Nelson. Bill had been a huge influence on me and as a young guitar player; Be Bop Deluxe was on a very short list of my favorite bands. After I regained my fan boy composure, I asked Stuart if he would mind giving me Bill’s phone number… I will always remember his first words to me in the hotel bar in Leeds where the band collected after the show: ‘You are quite the hooligan.’ Bill and I stayed in touch via letters and phone calls… a few years later, someone invented the internet and random compliments made by one of us about the other would make its way through the ether. Occasionally, the idea of ‘doing something’ would pop its head out of the odd paragraph, see its shadow, and then disappear for another year. The Bowie years passed, I became a member of The Cure, and once again found myself playing a festival in Leeds. Post gig, in August 2012, it all fell into place over a Sunday roast at a pub in York.”
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Bill Nelson Website http://www.billnelson.com
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Reeves Gabrels Website http://www.reevz.net
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Curzon Soho Event Page http://www.wegottickets.com/event/279928
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