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American Murder Song, the dark folk/rock act of Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, has been invited to join Rasputina on a tour of the West Coast. The tour spans four dates, beginning on August 21 in Los Angeles, CA and concluding in Seattle, WA on August 26; a full listing of dates and tickets for the tour are available via the Rasputina website. Rasputina founder and front woman Melora Creager recorded on Zdunich’s Repo!: The Genetic Opera soundtrack, with Zdunich stating, “Melora and I are friends now, but I fanboy’d so hard when she invited American Murder Song to be an opening act.”
Rasputina invites American Murder Song for West Coast tour
In addition, Zdunich clarifies that the shows will take on a more traditional rock format in contrast to the band’s Anti-Recital tour, which will be a more intimate affair; “No stages. No microphones. Just you, Saar, and I, and a piano.” American Murder Song’s Anti-Recital tour begins on September 13 in Los Angeles, CA and continuing until October 13 in Phoenix, AZ; tickets and tour dates are available via the Anti-Recital Tour website.
American Murder Song - Anti-Recital Tour 2018
American Murder Song is also currently working on a new album, with Zdunich and Hendelman promising the new material to be the band’s most ambitious and most aggressive. Incorporating electric guitars, industrial programming, and double-kick drums alongside the group’s traditional folk/Americana sound, Zdunich comments, “One of the underlying themes of the new album is war, and this new assortment of aggressive instrumentation definitely creates the feeling of a sonic battlefield.” American Murder Song hopes to have the new album completed and released to the public by October.


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