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Ras DVA Records founder Ric Laciak has diedRic Laciak, the founder and driving force behind underground electro/industrial label RAS DVA Records, has died having succumbed to cancer. He was a well known radio DJ for WMSE 91.7 FM in Milwaukee, WI, a writer for Industrial Nation, and at one time had worked for Zoth Ommog’s Music Research GmbH. Having begun the label initially as a fan club for Leæther Strip, RAS DVA (which translates to “one two” in Slovak) had its first release, the Mentallo & The Fixer side project Benestrophe, on October 25, 1994. The label would go onto release titles by such acts as Kevorkian Death Cycle, Leæther Strip, and Benestrophe before becoming defunct in 1998. Plans to reboot the label began in 2011. Laciak also collaborated with Mentallo & The Fixer’s Gary Dassing in the band Parking Lot in Drug Form.
Laciak is remembered by the industrial community, with Jim Marcus (Die Warzau, GoFight) stating, “Cancer doesn’t really care if you are talented or loved by a ton of people or have done great things. It doest care that you’re a good friend or that you will leave a hole that no one else can fill. But all the rest of us know and care. About all of it. Rest in Peace, Ric Laciak.”


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