Apr 2018 13

Rabia Sorda announces new double album
The end is near, but it won’t be without a fight! Fronted by Hocico’s Erk Aicrag, Mexican/German Rabia Sorda’s new double album, The World Ends Today is touted as the band’s hardest yet, showcasing the group’s genre-bending wall of sound. Mixed by Nils Lesser (Cypecore), The World Ends Today blends elements of metal, industrial, and electro/punk to conjure a frenetically aggressive sonic whirlwind behind the howling rage of front man Aicrag’s unbridled vocals. The main album spanning 17 tracks is accompanied by a bonus disc/mini-album Explota! (La Bomba En Mi Cabeza), a collection of eight additional songs, experiments, and remixes. The two-disc set features cover art by Thomas G. Anderson (Asking Alexandria, OST+FRONT, Hocico) and is set for a release date of May 18 via Out of Line Music, with pre-orders available via Storming the Base. The album’s introductory single, “Violent Love Song” was released digitally on Valentine’s Day of this year.


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