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Rabbit Junk announces live EP, next studio releaseElectronic/hardclash act Rabbit Junk has announced an upcoming live EP to be released by the end of 2014. The EP collects live recordings from Rabbit Junk’s 2014 summer festival performances, including tracks “Break Shins to This,” “Demons,” “IDONTGIVEAFUCK,” “Crutch,” and “What Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You A Killer.” The band teases fans more with “And maybe a cover of ‘Wasting Away’ originally by Nailbomb.” Additionally, Rabbit Junk’s new EP, Origami Shank, has a planned release date of January 2015, with the EP “about half way done” according to front man JP Anderson. Rabbit Junk released its latest EP, Pop That Pretty Thirty, at the end of August via Glitch Mode Recordings.


Rabbit Junk Website http://www.rabbitjunk.com
Rabbit Junk MySpace http://www.myspace.com/rabbitjunkband
Rabbit Junk Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rabbit-Junk/23486756571
Rabbit Junk Bandcamp http://rabbitjunk.bandcamp.com
Glitch Mode Recordings Website http://www.glitchmode.com
Glitch Mode Recordings Facebook https://www.facebook.com/glitchmode
Glitch Mode Recordings Twitter http://twitter.com/glitchmode
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