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PulseWidthMod to release new album with End Result ProductionsBaltimore industrial artist PulseWidthMod has announced the release of its next album, titled Entelechy; with music and lyrics written and produced solely by Maeghan Donovan, the artist has described the band’s sound as “industrious Kraut-wave.” The album will be released on July 2 in C33 cassette format via End Result Productions, marking PulseWidthMod as the label’s first act not from or based in Philadelphia in 2016. Donovan comments, “I choose the album title Entelechy because I feel like humanity is at a serious cross roads right now. We can choose to to transform into our full potential and overcome the bullshit or we can devolve and most likely become victim to some sort of ELE.” Entelechy follows the artist’s previous albums Right of Passage and #fearwillkeepthelocalsystemsinline, the latter an album written about the Baltimore uprising, heralded by Baltimore City Paper as the “Best Soundtrack to the Revolution;” that album’s opening track, “An Awakening” was voted by the publication in 2015 as one of the Top 10 Baltimore Protest Songs.
Following the album’s release, PulseWidthMod will embark on a two month coast-to-coast tour on July 5. A music video for the track “beMORE” can be viewed on the artist’s Facebook.


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