Aug 2019 28

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Belgian electronic act Psy’Aviah has released a new video for “Becoming Human” from the upcoming album, Soul Searching. The track’s spoken word poem is narrated by bestselling author, psychiatrist, and public speaker Prof. Dr. Dirk De Wachter and serves to set the tone for the album, with poignant lines like “In sadness, in joy: we become human,” and “We’re nothingness unless we share.” Written by Psy’Aviah’s Yves Schelpe, mixed by Mitia Wexler, and mastered by Geert de Wilde, the track features additional backing vocals provided by Kari Berg, Angelika Schwarblut, and NoĆ©mi Aurora of Helalyn Flowers. The video comes as the project puts the finishing touches on album, which will be released via Alfa Matrix on a soon to be announced date this fall or winter in standard and special two-disc editions, as well as a limited edition USB in wooden box.


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