Jul 2013 27

Psy'Aviah launches new music videoBelgian electro act Psy’Aviah has released an animated music video for the track “Letting Go,” directed by Emily Weeks, from the recently released Future Past EP. Weeks describes the direction of the video: “The main character, Valerie, is depicted in a story that takes place in the 1940s. Valerie’s hair is a reflection of her interior psychological state. She suffers a traumatic event, after which her hair becomes wild – with pieces flying out erratically. Finally she becomes a nun because she just can’t cope with the unpleasant memories and thoughts. To become a nun, she must cut her hair. In becoming a nun she is completely trying to deny and become detached from her past, a desperate act, the success of which is questionable.” The video is available on YouTube now; Future Past is available through iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify, and other digital outlets.


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