Nov 2018 28

Project Pitchfork keyboardist to release third solo album
Dirk Scheuber, keyboardist and founding member of prominent German dark electro band Project Pitchfork, will be releasing Shades, his third solo outing, on January 11, 2019. Often considered the quiet and introverted half of Project Pitchfork, Scheuber breaks open on his solo material, with Shades offering 12 new tracks that explore a wider range of emotional content with a sound that blends elements of synthpop, darkwave, and EBM. Here, he confronts his personal demons not with the aggressive sounds often associated with his primary band, but with “openness, love, and consideration, but above all with inner peace, thoughtfulness, and mental strength.” The album features a guest vocal performance by Lilli Engelhardt, “forming the perfect emotional vocal foil to Dirk Scheuber’s moving vocals.” Pre-orders for Shades are now available via Storming the Base.


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