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Programmable Animal unveils music video featuring Steven Seibold
Chicago industrial/rock band Programmable Animal has unveiled the music video for “Pinhead,” the opening track from the group’s latest record, End of the Tail. Independently shot by band members Anthony Wonaitis (also of Drepsea) and Thoney K. Castillo, with assistance from Michael Wonaitis, “Pinhead” features a guest appearance from Steven Seibold (Hate Dept., Standalone, Muet) on drums, as well as actor Joe Burton, with mask work provided by Joe Ward. “Pinhead” was released as a single in March of 2018, followed by the full-length album End of the Tail, released digitally on June 2 and available to purchase via Bandcamp. According to the band, the album deals with “a spiritual nature of ambiance, and a message to look deeper into knowing one’s self.”


Programmable Animal
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