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Having released the Strange Angels full-length album earlier this year, California synthpop act Probe 7 has revealed the music video for the album’s first single, “No Words.” Referred to by Leæther Strip’s Claus Larsen as “a breath of fresh air to the U.S. synthpop scene,” the duo of Brent Heinze and Charlie Harding has been making waves for their blend of darkly experimental synth textures, catchy melodies, and the strong dance rhythms closely associated with the gay scene. The video for “No Words” was directed and edited by Billy Clift, who received a daytime Emmy nomination for his documentary The Advocate about the LGBTQ rights movement and the founding of the publication sparked by the Los Angeles Black Cat Riots.

Strange Angels was released on May 5, featuring 11 tracks, including a cover of the Radiohead hit “Creep.” The “No Words” single was released on May 1, featuring remixes by Jack Chang, Red Faux, and Caustic.



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